For more information about booking Brad in one of the following areas, or for any other inquiry, please fill out the form below.

Speaking - Brad offers talks primarily to young adult and church audiences.  In his "Conversion of a Pop Star" talk, he discusses his "Reversion" - his journey from faith, to pop-stardom, to atheism, to destitution, back to faith.  We look forward to discussing the possibilities of booking Brad to speak at your church or venue.

Music - We book Brad's solo endeavors and can make the connection for any LFO live performances interest.  Please contact us to check available dates and performance fees.

Consulting - Brad runs a company which offers creative consulting for businesses.  The focus is on marketing, branding, and troubleshooting.  In addition, Brad offers a specialization in Catholic Church consulting with a focus on music and engagement.  We look forward to your inquiry.

Writing - Brad is in the process of writing two books.  Please contact us if you would like more information or have some other interest in Brad's literary efforts.

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